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cd Ok so people have been commenting (moaning) about how long its been since the last CD. It has been a while, but ive had a very busy couple of months with work.

First off, im pretty much the only developer working on a £300,000 till system front-end which I foolishly decided to build in Visual Studio.NET 2005. This project is nearly finished now after about 6 months development. Somebody else can build the reporting back-end for it :)

Ive also been working on a site for my friends father advertising his flat (called Mountview. Check it out). Which has taken up the odd hour or so here and there.

Ive also taken it upon myself to try and learn Objective C (A very difficult language considering I only know smatterings of c++) which is coming along quite nicely. Ive made a "Hello World" app and everything! Im hoping to develop some groundbreaking apps for Windows and Mac when ive learnt enough.

Ive also been playing around with Ableton Live 5. A music composition and mixing program and hope to create some house tracks of my own eventually. Ive played around with music composition packages before such as Cubase and Sonar so this shouldnt be too difficult.


Now that the excuses are over, lets talk about the next CD. Yes, there will be one. Ive just compiled an initial list of tracks which needs to be whittled down to be able to fit on 2 cds (I think its currently sitting at around 200 tracks!). Ive decided to go ahead and do a 2 disc mix this time so that I can keep everyone happy. The first cd will be for the fluffy disco lovers whilst the second disc will satisfy all those dirty, electro house lovers (I hope!).

As for the tracks, obviously there are far too many to mention at the moment. Ill probably include the new Antoine Clamaran one, the new ones from Martin Solveig, Roger Sanchez, T-Funk, Til West, Tomcraft and Tom Neville. There are loads more but youll have to wait and see.

Should be done by the middle of next month guys...

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