Joon Choons 2005

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Joon Choons 2005 As promised, the new CD is complete. Rachel Stevens didn't make it onto this one, maybe next time :)

Joon Choons isn't a serious name for the cd but a running joke between me and a few friends (think 12am after 11 pints of lager).

The best track on the cd in my opinion is Steve Angello's Jennifer Rush sampling monster: Davali. Such a good bassline.

The mixing is slightly sloppy since I rushed this one out in time for Escape in the Park 2005. Check it out by clicking the cd cover.

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Si 17:00

I've just found your site via I must say that I was really shocked to see such a quality site come out of Swansea. Good luck with the CD and everything....

Chris 17:57

Thanks! Its nice to get some feedback.

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