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TeaserI've been working very hard the last couple of weeks (shocking isn't it?) on the new site design. This design is three years old and is beginning to looking very dated so I decided a refresh was in order.

the new design will reflect how far i've come as a designer in the last three years and will show off some ajax techniques and site integration that i've been developing for a long time.

A fresh look is also on the cards, as well as a bigger focus on design and my portfolio. I've collected all the missing pieces from my existing portfolio and trashed some of the older bits and bobs that I was not particularly proud of. I've also added sections for application design and substantially expanded the icon portfolio which I have been adding to in the last few years.

Once I've got the new site up and running (it's nearly done, just a few more pages and a bit of spit and polish), I will have more time to work on some of the projects that have been neglected recently. Namely ClubMates, iSwitcher and a couple more iPhone/iPod friendly sites. I hope to announce the launch of the new site shortly.

In other news i'd like to thank the numerous visitors showing their appreciation for the iBeeb site. The statistics for the site have gone off the chart and I'm glad you all like it. If you wish to make feature requests or just tell me how much you like (or don't like) the application, leave a comment in one of the iBeeb articles.

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Robert Forrest 23:10

I have to say, i am very disappointed in who ever it was who requested the removal of the iBeeb website. it made the BBC news website much more easy to access via the iPhone than it otherwise is. With iBeeb no one need ever had have bought a newspaper.

The apparatchik who told you to take the site down is a narrow minded, short sighted idiot.

T White 22:33

I have to say I agree with Robert Forrest. I used iBeeb throughout the day to keep up with current news as it was by far the slickest, least fussy and most readily user-friendly way to read news from the BBC website. I wish they could have seen it as an asset and another portal to access their own site rather than competition. Maybe they should take a few tips for their own mobile site design. Remember the KISS effect........Keep It Simple Stupid.....................

Thomas Sabo Jewellry 22:08

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