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BootCampSo Apple have released an official solution to running Windows XP on the new Intel macs. Its called BootCamp and whilst still in beta it does a very good job.

I think this could be good news for Apple. People will be less scared about switching to the fairer platform if they are still able to boot into Windows whilst transitioning. This way they can still run the Windows applications they are used to until they find a suitable (or in most cases superior) solution for Mac OS X. In fact, market analysts seem to agree with me; Apples share prices have risen 6.2% since the release of this tool.

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Vishal Goklani 20:33

Does it have the ability to install Windows onto an external firewire drive? I would prefer not to mess with the partition on my macbook.

Chris Parker 20:35

Hi Vishal,

Im not sure... i dont remember seeing the option in the BootCamp installer. Try the Apple documentation on the BootCamp site.

You could always give it a shot and see if the drive shows up in BootCamp... let me know how you get on.

Curtis M 23:39

I remember reading somwhere on the BootCamp webpage that you had to use the built in hard drive. This is because that is the boot drive and other reasons I cannot remember - I have a 55 GB hd in my macBook - I partitioned a 25 GB Windows Partition and 30 GB Mac Partition. So far, the BETA has worked fine for me. Occasional crashes but excellent speed.

Chris Parker 23:43

It does seem like you have to use the built in hard drive. But an external hard drive should work ok once you plug it in.

XP usually takes about 5-6gb to run well, so you could partition this much and then use the external hard drive for programs and data.

I have to say, i find myself using Parallels (http://www/ more than bootcamp recently. Its just more convenient, and great if you have dual displays.


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