iPod 20Gb: Mini Review

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Next to my Nokia 7610 The first thing I thought when I opened the box, which by the way was quite a difficult task, was "It's Tiny!". Indeed, the 20Gb iPod is a lot smaller than I thought it would be and smaller than it looks in pictures. Ive tried to include some pictures with the iPod next to other items so you can get an idea of how small it is.

The second thing that struck me was it's beauty. The iPod is a stunning bit of kit, from the glossy white finish on the front to the extremely shiny rear and side panels it drips of style. Even the included headphones and cables are kind of sexy looking.

What's In The Box?

The 20Gb 4th Generation iPod comes with very little in the box. You get:

Everything in the box


I thought I would follow the instructions booklet just in case this time and install it initially on my mac rather than the pc. The first thing you are told to do is to insert the software cd and install the iPod software. This is where the instructions stopped working for me, the installer told me that I could not install the software because I needed some sort of networking update. This is impossible since I'm running Mac OS Tiger and there are no updates for it yet, so I decided to forget about installing the software and try it anyway.

The Controls Mac OS detected the iPod as soon as I plugged it in, mounted the iPod as a drive and popped up a box asking me how I wanted to manage the updating of my iPod. I chose to manage it automatically with the intention of changing the settings in iTunes later.

iTunes also noticed that I know have an iPod and responded accordingly, mounting the iPod as an item in the playlist pane. You can change the iPod settings in iTunes so that it will keep only selected playlists in sync with your iPod, which I did because I have a collection larger than 20GB. I created a large-ish playlist (about 2000 files) and initiated an update.

Since I opted to use the Firewire cable to connect the iPod I was expecting some slight speed increase over USB devices I have used in the past, but the reality is that Firewire is a lot faster. It took about 10 minutes to transfer the 2000 music files (roughly 8gb in size) to the iPod. iTunes tells you in the bottom pane the size of the files in your playlist which is useful, but when you have an iPod plugged and select it iTunes displays a bar at the bottom telling you how much space you are using on your iPod and how much is remaining.

This impresses upon you how iTunes & the iPod were designed for each other, and the result works incredibly well. In my opinion iTunes is the best media player out there, I have been using it on Mac and PC for about a year now with no problems; its an easy way to manage large collections.

Using the iPod

The iPod charges whilst plugged into the Mac and 4 hours charge will give you 12 hours of battery life. If you can't wait 4 hours you can get an 80% charge by leaving it plugged in for only 2 hours.

The Top of the iPod

Turning the device on is as easy as pushing any of the buttons. The iPod has a Menu button, a play/pause button, buttons for skipping next and back, and a select button. There is a hold switch along the top of the iPod, next to the headphone and accessory port to disable the buttons. The Charger/Sync port is located at the base of the iPod. This generation of iPod also comes with Apple's "Click Wheel" technology taken from the iPod Mini, I'd like to talk a bit about this before I move on...

The Menu The "Click Wheel" is a stroke of genius. It makes navigating the menus on your iPod easy and quick especially if like me, you have a ton of music stored on it. The wheel works very similar to the trackpads you find on most modern laptop computers with one exception: you move your finger in a circular motion. The faster you move your finger, the faster you scroll through the menu items. It takes a few minutes of getting used to but is by far the best navigation of this type I have seen.

You can access your tracks on the iPod in the following ways:

You can turn shuffle on in the settings menu and it will shuffle within any chosen category, which is a nice feature. It even has a few games to keep you occupied like Solitaire, a music quiz, "Brick" (an Arkanoid clone) and "Parachutes" (another clone of a game ive long forgotten). I was surprised that the iPod also syncs your address book and calendar with your computer when it is connected. Great, just what I need, another organiser...

To round it off, this is an awesome piece of kit that belongs in any serious music fan's collection. It leaves all of the other MP3 Players I've used for dust.

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