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Yup. Its finally finished, after two months of "on & off" coding and designing. What am I talking about? Didnt you notice the new design?

The new design is more robust than the old, I could have just created a new stylesheet to give the site a fresh look, but the underlying site was full of outdated, inefficient code (as this one probably will be when I decide to replace it). So whats new? read on...

Okay, you back with me now? Good. Thats one of the new features, so that whacking great articles no longer need to be displayed on the main journal page, if an article has a "read more" link underneath it, that will mean theres a little bit more to read on the next page. The comments system has had a major overhaul too; you no longer need to wait for "authorisation" before your post will appear, I finally gave that up as a bad idea. Instead, your comment will display immediately and also be emailed to me with a link to remove it if I want (lets face it, it would have to be pretty offensive to somebody for me to remove it, but its a nice touch).

The portfolio page has finally been re-done, its more up to date and easier for me to add new sites to it from now on. Ive added a few of my most recent projects to it for you to have a gawk at. The new portfolio is now listed in order of date (it took me absolutely ages to figure out the dates on some of the older ones), and allows you to view 5 projects on each page.

Completely new on the journal page (not site news any more) is the Playlist bar and the Worth Visiting bar. The playlist bar contains the albums im currently enjoying listening to. Don't be shy, click on them and buy them from Amazon and I get a very small cut. The "Worth Visiting" section is a constantly updated set of links that I have found whilst browsing the web. I'll sort out an RSS feed for these very soon.

Ive now added a Services page, listing the design and coding services I offer and an about page to give you a little history about the site. Also new is the Icons & Skins page. Although pretty bare at the moment (3 icons), im hoping to find time to go through my files and list all the icons ive drawn in the past few months.

Most of the other, older sections still exist in some form or other, but have not really been updated except to reflect the new styling; they were fine as they were with one exception: the Tracks page has now been updated with my slightly dated remix of Moonman's Don't Be Afraid. This mix was completed in Cakewalk Sonar 3 with some help from Reason for the bass, enjoy it!

Ive probably bored you enough now (if you read this far congratulations!), so i'll just finish up by saying there are one or two loose ends on the site to finish. Such as fixing the image galleries to work in Internet Explorer 5 and some admin work for my use. Enjoy the new site, Don't forget to leave a comment below, i'll be posting some more exciting mix cd news very soon so stay tuned.

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Louise (Ur awesome Sister) 18:47

Hey hey hey - very nice site bro, u best not put those horrid pics of me on there lol. Anyway Great site and cool layout! Keep it up! x X x Lv ya.

Phil Baines 18:52

TITS WILLY BUM POO! Is that offensive enough I wonder? Nice design, I like the new logo quite a bit. Gonna go explore now!

Chris Parker 19:04

Thanks Phil, thats really great...

Dan 21:37

Good site chris. Lookin' sharp

Father Jack 22:00

wot no porn??? Drink!....Girls....Feck off....

AcEy 22:17

Great site, I do agree with Jack tho, does need a bit of spicing up ;-) fancy going to nissy beach and not taking any piccies.. tch tch ;-)


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