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CaminoIve been trying out Mozilla's Camino this week. Camino is a web browser by the Mozilla foundation created solely for Mac OS X, meaning that it is a native application not a conversion. It features the same Gecko rendering engine that Firefox uses with a big difference... its faster. A LOT faster.

I was impressed when i discovered the G5 build of Firefox because of its speed, but that is nothing compared to the rendering speed of Camino. On our work connection, pages load instantly. No waiting around for images to load or any of that, just Kerbaam!, heres your webpage.

It looks a bit ugly when you first start it up, in fact it looks like it has Windows XP icons (yuck!) on the toolbar, but this can be quickly fixed by downloading a copy of Caminicon, a theme application for camino and Jon Hicks' fantastic theme set. After applying John's theme, the application looks and behaves like it belongs in Mac OS X.

I was also pleasantly surprised that it didnt break any pages that i had written for Internet Explorer or Firefox, not surprising really since I assume it uses virtually the same rendering engine as Firefox. In fact, im adding this blog entry from Camino.

The feature set provided by Camino is a bit basic, for instance im a bit annoyed that I can't click an image and return its properties like I can in other browsers. It has tab browsing which works just as well as with other modern browsers such as Firefox or Safari and also shares the convenient google search box with these browsers. Popup blocking is also included of course and appears to work well.

Because camino is a native Cocoa application, it has access to the OS keychain to share your passwords and also supports Apple's rendezvous.

Its simple and never claims to be anything else, quoting the mozilla website "Camino practices the art of simplicity with an uncluttered user interface...". I'm going to keep using this for a while now, it's pretty amazing for a beta application.

Ive recently been pointed to a newly released G5 build of the Camino browser, which is optimised for Apple's 64bit processors. This version is even faster than the standard version and is definitely worth a shot if you have a G5.

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Phil Baines 16:08 that RSS working yet? I'll check now. Just a heads up, but it's "Jon Hicks", not "John", and his url is not .com. Thanks for the review! If I get a mac I'll go with Camino. p.s. ,it says that Email is optional, but your javascript doesnt think so. Plus, alerts are so messy....check out the validation script I use on the Contact form for

Chris Parker 16:15

Hi Phil, Thanks for the proof-reading, ive corrected the mistakes :) Yes the RSS is working, has been for many weeks. You can find the link on the sitenews page.

Im aware of the email javascript bug. Its not important as the emails are not displayed on site and are only used if i want to personally reply to a comment. Ive already fixed this in the newly designed site which is still in development, and written a new validation script.

Thanks for visiting and posting! It was beginning to get lonely hereā€¦

Chris McElligott 08:28

I also wrote up an article recently, check it out. Camino is my secound favourite browser.

PrattDiana 16:46

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