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I havnt posted here for quite a while now, since the last mix cd was out. The mix cd recieved rave reviews from all who were lucky to get a copy :)

On the site side of things, i have big things planned soon. Ive been busy designing the next instalment of cmpdesigns for the past 2 weeks or so and am getting to the point where its ready to release to the factory floor. Dont expect anything to appear up here for about a month though, there is still a lot of work to do. Watch this space.

Also expected with the site update is a long overdue overhaul to the portfolio page to make it easier to navigate and a return to the drop down menu method of navigation. The new site has been built to be a lot less cluttered, ive removed the excess features that were rubbish and kept the stuff that was actually useful. Now if only i could get paid for it, i could get me one of them new Powerbooks or a Mac Mini

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