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Its been quite a busy week. Ive been working hard on all this week since I currently have no car, therefore im stuck in the house until I pick up the new car. Incidentally I should be picking my new car on Saturday from Manchester (about 250 miles away!). Its a 2002 Toyota Celica.

Over to the site updates, I dont know where to start. Ive overhauled the entire site and rewritten it using css2 and xhtml and tried to make it accessible as possible. There is still a lot of work to do, you may find some dead links or some pages that currently do not do what they are supposed to.

My New 2002 Celica I have tried to keep the markup of the site as semantically correct as possible although it is far from perfect. Current live, fully working pages include: Portfolio, Music, Mix CD Tracklistings and the CodeYard (although it is rather empty at the moment).

There is quite a story behind the redesign of the site, I was never happy with the previous design which was why it was never completed. The previous design was version 21, this is 24a. I am planning to create a history page for the site to show its evolution (and sometimes devolution) over the past few years (keep in mind that the site version before 21 was 3!). I hope to update here when more pages are complete.

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